Penile Girth: The Key Components to Increasing It

Studies have revealed that one of the things men are concerned about is their penis. Actually,figures state that over 40% of men are concerned about their penis size. Penis size means both the lenght and girth. While many people are aware of their penis length, their girth is a thing they have no idea about. Furthermore, they may not know how to even measure it and its implications when it comes to love making with their spouse. Contained herein is what you need to know about your penis girth and an interesting exercise for male sex organs.

•How To Measure Penis Girth

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your widest part of your penis. You can also use anything else as long as it is not injurious to your penis.
Mark the beginning of the tape or what you are using and mark the point where the tape meets the beginning of your tape.
Uncoil the tape and read your penis girth. If using a non calibrated sheet, transfer the lenght and read it off a ruler.
The diameter you get with a flaccid penis is your flaccid girth while the diameter for a phallus is your erect penis girth.

•Facts About Penis Girth

On average, the normal penis girth should be between 3.5 – 5.0 inches. Studies show that the modal erect penis girth occurs between 10-13 cms. 35% of men have an erect girth of 12cm which is the highest percentage. 28% have an erect girth of 13cm. However, there are also extremes, both low and high. Some men may have an erect girth of 7cm while other have a girth as big as the 16cm.

•How To Know If You Have A Micropenis.

On average, an adult erect penis is less than 7cm long and a girth less than 5cm long, then it is deemed to be abnormally low. On the other hand, penis length exceeding 23cm and a girth of 16cm implies a big penis. Both these two girls extremes have solutions. In case of a micropenis, there are artificial enlargements available.

•Impacts of Penis Girth

In a study conducted to determine how women perceive different penis sizes, women seemed to prefer different sizes for different relationships. For one night stands, they preferred longer penises and a wider girth. A penis long as 16cm and a girth of 12cm was preferred for a one night stand. However, for one time partner and long relationships, women preferred a shorter and less wider penis. The girth for these type of relationships was 10cm. Thus, you need not to worry much if your life partner is getting enough fun when you make love. The penis size for a lasting relationship is smaller.

Conclusively, the penis girth has an impact on your love making. However, do not be lured to believing that you can increase or reduce your girth through diet or constant sexual arousal. The penis grows at early stages of life and also between 14-17 years. Most importantly, in case you think of an abnormality in your penis size and girth, seek medical advice in stead of using unauthentic means to rectify your problem.