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Looking at me, you no doubt assess me as a person with limited cognitive abilities.

However, you would be very wrong! It's what's inside that counts.

Today, Sue Rubin writes and lectures on the subject of autism and her personal journey

Snapshot of Success

At four, Sue was diagnosed with autism and mental retardation. She attended public Special Day Classes until high school. At thirteen, she tested at the 2½ year level, apparently consistent with her many limitations. Sue remains echolalic, obsessive-compulsive, and occasionally self-abusive/aggressive.

Nonetheless, after sixteen years, Sue graduated from Whittier College in May, 2013 with a BA in Latin American History, having received a $38,000 academic scholarship. She graduated from Whittier High School (fully included) in 1997 with a 3.98 GPA and 1370 SATs. Her only academic accommodation was extra time on exams and homework.